A ticket…for two

Barbara Ferrari tells us a story with a happy ending

They are two Syrian twins, born as refugees in Greece. They should have arrived in Switzerland but then for some reason (unknown to all of us) they could never come to Switzerland. The father and one of the 5 children (in addition to the twins, there are 3 other fantastic kids) suffer from a rare disease ( Google “hereditary angioedema” and you will understand) that in addition to various visits to the emergency room every month, causes them to spend a lot of money on treatment.

In short, the situation is quite severe.

One day, they finally received the call, the one that every refugee is expecting, the one that changes lifes. “You can leave for Germany, but you will have to pay for the ticket.”

This is not the first time this is happening, they have being so recently.

It’s not great, having to choose between travelling and the drugs that keep you alive, so I told them to choose their medications, and that we’d find a solution for the tickets.

Well, we have raised over 800 francs in a few hours, and the family will finally be able to start afresh, in a safe place, with our continuous support in the meantime. 

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