About Us

Everyone is Someone and Everyone can do something.

We are single Persons with a common purpose:

Reminding Everyone that He/She is Someone.

We do this by putting in commitment, passion, time and everything we can humanly and physically give.

We seek to restore dignity to People who are deprived of their homes, clothes, past and future. People.

People who do not have shoes, shoes with which to take on a path, any path, that brings them back to Life.

People like us. Like Each and every one of us.

And each of us, each Person, is Someone and can do something for Someone else.

We are grateful for what you will do, if you decide to do it together with us.

After more than a year of independent volunteering, in which we did:

  • Several trips to support refugees stationed on the Balkan route during winter.
  • Collaborations with other volunteers and small associations that have allowed us to bring clothes, basic necessities and physical/moral support in different contexts, Swiss, Italian and beyond.

Starting a journey like this, where the courage and smile of those who are helped saves each volunteer, every time, we decided to optimize the work by setting up a non-profit organization.

Ma Anche Noi was born, which was initially Ma Anche No, then we were advised to avoid denial in the name, and a dear -genuise- friend added that vowel that has positively upset the name from Ma Anche NO, to Ma Anche Noi.

NO remains symbolic of those who DO NOT give up, those who DO NOT accept that people should suffer,

of those who DO NOT stay silent in the face of injustice,

of those who stand up and try to change things.

But We also have three founders.

Nevia, that is me, Indira, who is my mother; an example of fairness and justice, as well as the daughter of a man whom everyone called – not by chance – Gandhi, and Elio, my brother, who in his concreteness and empathy completes the circle of our family nucleus.


Why start an association with your own family?

Because, in my opinion, to be able to do something outside, it is only right to begin from within.

And nobody is more within us than our family.

Family, that we have come to learn, extends beyond boundaries, names, colors, languages or religions.

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