Rohlat flies to Germany!

The Issa family, mother Zkia and two teenage sons Hamad and Rohlat,had arrived in Greece from Syria. After months of waiting, they managed to get a visa for Germany, but there was a problem: they had to pay for their ticket themselves, and it wasn’t possible at that moment. Together with Barbara, we managed to collect and send the…

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Mission Belgrade: another round of carousel

What we have done thus far: Prepare hundreds of sandwiches for people living in the forest, while waiting to cross the border, packing them together with other energy-rich food. Bringing the whole thing to them. Cleaned the shacks of what we call hell, an abandoned bus station in the city center of Belgrade that ‘hosts’ over a thousand men,…

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A ticket…for two

Barbara Ferrari tells us a story with a happy ending They are two Syrian twins, born as refugees in Greece. They should have arrived in Switzerland but then for some reason (unknown to all of us) they could never come to Switzerland. The father and one of the 5 children (in addition to the twins, there are 3 other…

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