Mission Belgrade: another round of carousel

What we have done thus far:

  • Prepare hundreds of sandwiches for people living in the forest, while waiting to cross the border, packing them together with other energy-rich food.
  • Bringing the whole thing to them.
  • Cleaned the shacks of what we call hell, an abandoned bus station in the city center of Belgrade that ‘hosts’ over a thousand men, who have been otherwise left to themselves, except for the rich presence of volunteers who come from all over the world.
  • Brought material to inaugurate the showers, a truck with four cleverly built places inside, where the boys can take care of their hygiene in the money.
  • Supported the project of a volunteer to bring 40 children into the forests for a whole day, teaching them about orientation, survival, and the beauty of nature.
  • Bought some musical instruments, in order to raise the mood and create moments of lightheartedness for these people who are in constant contact with a desolating reality.


then we spoke,


practiced boxing,


played football,

Fed stray dogs,

got interviewed,




laughed and cried.

we have built bonds,

lived moments,

We saw a man who had lost his memory reborn,

we have collaborated with many wonderful and clean volunteers.

We have done this and much more.

and it is only right that we should update you on how and where your donations and your/our energies go.

But what we have RECEIVED

is billions of times more intense.

indescribable, crystalline.

I can’t adequately  explain it to you.

Thanks to each of you,

for supporting and following us,

And to each of those,

who have welcomed us into this great family,

thanks to my travel companions, who, honestly, split their butts,

and to all the volunteers we were lucky enough to meet.

all of this,


on the skin. 


We stayed in Belgrade in vans, bringing clothes, basic necessities, and everything that was needed by the people in the refugee camp.

The mission is over because the shacks have been demolished, but our help on the Balkan route continues, and we intend to go to Bosnia, where new waves of people are coming in.

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