No Borders Photography’s donations and photo shoots are not the only sources of funding for our humanitarian projects.

You can support us, and at the same time take home something of beauty, something tangible that reminds you of the good deeds we’ve accomplished.

You can buy photo prints in various formats, and the proceeds of the sale will be COMPLETELY donated to the projects we support.

To purchase a print, simply contact us using the form below, indicating the photo chosen, the desired format and the number of pieces.  You will be contacted for payment arrangements and shipping or delivery.





Prices and dimensions (in cm):

  • 10 x 15: 15 fr/13 euro
  • 20 x 30: 30 fr/25 euro
  • 40 x 60: 60 fr/50 euro
  • 76 x 115:  80 fr/70 euro

Free delivery by hand

Shipping costs to be added in case of shipment



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